Safety Inspection Software Helps You Put Safety First

A customized solution by Fluix to help your workforce conduct safety inspections assures that inspections are performed methodically and consistently

In any industry involving activities that could be characterized as high risk, safety always has to be the number one priority. Check-by-check entry fields with the option to add notes create a streamlined and uniform way to resolve any problems as soon as possible.

Safety Inspection Software Mobile Solutions

Fluix’s inspection software equips employees with a centralized reporting system that they can navigate with ease on a phone or tablet. In contrast to relying on physical forms and entering information into a digital platform, using one comprehensive digital entry system fosters accuracy and completeness.

Share Information With Ease With a Digital Safety Management System

As soon as any kind of problem is observed and entered into the system, your team can start working on resolving it effectively and creating a record of what was done. Inspection entries can trigger instant notifications to the individuals who are responsible for addressing them. You can integrate notifications to a work order management queue. This type of system enables a rapid response while encouraging follow-up and accountability.

Access Real-Time Information From an Automated Inspection Reporting System

Fluix’s automated safety inspection reporting system gives your most important team members easy access to vital safety information as soon as it is needed. Your system can provide up-to-the-minute detail about what is happening on site so safety supervisors can stay apprised of what’s going on no matter where they are.

Be Prepared With Safety Audit Software

You can have a safety inspection application that’s tailored to your day-to-day inspection protocols, and you can use a safety audit software application that you use to prepare for special audits. A detailed audit checklist can provide fields for staff to enter in comprehensive information, so nothing will come as a surprise on the day of an important audit. Employees can report any problems found as well as the corrective action that was taken.

Use Workplace Safety Inspection Software That Fits Your Needs

Fluix’s safety inspection software can be utilized across a wide range of industries and adapted to several different types of inspection procedures. Each type of industry and each individual facility has different needs; there is no single one-size-fits-all approach to safety management, so companies can choose the options that they need.

Fire and Life Safety Inspection Software

Fluix’s inspection management software can be tailored to fire and life safety inspections to ensure that your business’ premises will be safely maintained and compliant with all applicable regulations. You can create inspection points that address key life and safety system components such as alarms, egress points, extinguishers, and sprinklers.

Construction Safety Inspection Software

Construction professionals can benefit from having a streamlined inspection and audit management system to assure that safety procedures are followed precisely. Fluix’s system allows project managers to get the information they need and give them confidence that nothing gets overlooked. You can monitor conditions on a job site, workers’ compliance with specific procedures, and step-by-step protocols for equipment and tool inspection.

Oil and Gas Inspection Software

In the oil and gas industry, many activities including simple storage are regarded as ultra-hazardous, so it’s particularly important that information pertaining to safety and inspections be well-managed. A platform that consolidates the most important information about storage and transportation helps supervisors by providing at-a-glance safety information and detailed instructions to employees on the ground.

Food Safety Inspection Software

Companies that are involved in the manufacture or preparation of food products have to manage a dynamic workforce and comply with multiple different regulations governing worker safety as well as product safety. A good inspection safety software program gives a workforce extensive instructions about what they need to do to maintain a safe environment while also placing quality controls on products that are sent out for distribution.

Integrated data management means creating cost-effective and optimized solutions for almost every aspect of operations management. Companies that benefit from streamlined data about financial activities should apply that same level of organization to safety management. Make compliance and audit prep as convenient and thorough as possible by reaching out to Fluix for a safety solution that you can customize to serve your company’s individual needs.